Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD list your home in the winter…

#1. The inventory is usually lower in the winter. But that doesn’t mean buyers aren’t still looking! Buyers who are looking in the winter are normally motivated buyers! And with less inventory your house has a better chance of selling.

#2. Snow can make for some great photos!  Make sure your realtor has an eye for photography or can hire a photographer. The winter photos of your home will look stunning to all those buyers scanning the winter listings.

#3. Less stress. Winter brings less competition and less seasonal buyers “browsing” the market. Because of this you will have less showings to people who have no real intent to buy.  

A big problem some people face is moving over the holidays. If this is a concern of yours think about an extended closing or list in January or February to avoid the hassle. 

When selling any time of year it is most important to price your house right!! At the right price any home can sell quickly.

With low inventory, less competition, beautiful photos and less stress… Why would you NOT list in the winter?


  Rula | Suchecki Team